How do I buy Ripple (XRP) using a credit card?


XRP is the world’s sixth most capitalized cryptocurrency with high daily trading volume. It has gained popularity because of its speed and low transaction costs, and its issuer, Ripple, is known for its partnerships with major banks. If you have a question: How do I buy Ripple (XRP) using a credit card, we will answer it.

Ripple and XRP: what is the difference

Ripple is a technology company that created the XRP Ledger, XRP cryptocurrency and RippleNet, a product for financial institutions that allows banks to send money to any country in seconds and at minimal cost. There are more than 300 banks in the Ripple affiliate network, including Santander and Siam Commercial Bank, but understand that most of them do not use XRP cryptocurrency. XRP Ledger is a distributed ledger that was developed by Ripple. XRP is a cryptocurrency that runs on the XRP Ledger blockchain.

Where and how to buy XRP

If you don’t have any cryptocurrency yet, you can buy XRP in two ways.

  • With a bank card through a regulated exchanger and/or cryptocurrency exchange – for example, an instant exchange service. This is the safest option because regulated exchangers operators are licensed and comply with all legal requirements. In addition, they work directly with banks, so the commission on card purchases is minimal and transparent. On the other hand, regulated services that offer services in some countries often do not sell XRP directly. Therefore, you need to first buy BTC from the card and then exchange them for XRP through the exchange interface. To buy cryptocurrency through the official exchange service, you need to go through identity verification (KYC), after which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency for fiat at any time and in any amount.
  • Using a bank card or e-money through an unofficial exchanger. There are many “gray” exchangers on the internet that offer to buy XRP using various online banking services and e-wallets. They may not require full verification for transactions up to $1,000. However, working with such exchangers is a risk, especially for businesses. The whole process is built on trust: you send money from your card to a specified blockchain wallet address and wait for the exchanger to send you the cryptocurrency. You should also take into account that with small volumes the rate can be unfavorable (the hidden commission reaches 10%).

Due to the low cost of transactions and fast confirmation, XRP is well suited to pay for goods and services. However, it is worth remembering that this coin is extremely volatile, just like Bitcoin, so investing in XRP involves serious risks and requires considerable knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. 

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